Wok King & Sushi

Wok King & Sushi

Looking for a place to eat in Frederiksberg, so drop Wok King & Sushi, where you can get fresh and delicious sushi of all kinds, Chinese dishes with great flavor, deep-fried dishes and a large selection of vegetarian dishes. You can also get a big delicious milkshake, with either banana, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

Wok King & Sushi is located on the splendid Frederiksberg, at the address Godthåbsvej 16, not far from Frederiksberg swimming pool and CBS. Customer ratings report here on a restaurant in the absolute top class in which not just the sushi is great every time, but even the burger is the city's best and prompt delivery. With their very beautiful and happy smiley, we know also that here somewhere in control of hygiene and that the ingredients are fresh.

If you like sushi, is King Wok & Sushi is exactly the right place on the menu offers everything in hand rolls, sashimi, nigiri, uromaki, futomaki, rice paper maki and kaburi maki. If you prefer the Chinese, the 3-course Chinese menu E a popular choice where you get two starters; 4 deep-fried king prawns with curry sauce and 7 mini spring rolls and fried noodles with beef, chicken and vegetables for the main course, for the tidy sum of 87 kr., So prices are destined to everyone can participate. Their strong gongpao cashew chicken is also among customer favorites.

Wok King & Sushi are known for their fast delivery, and provides out of the house to Frederiksberg, Copenhagen N and NW during the period at 15:00 to 22:30 Monday-Saturday and Sunday 14:00 to 22:30, but you are also more than welcome to pick up food even on Godthåbsvej where you will be warmly welcomed.


Godthåbsvej 16

Opening Hours

Mandag: 01:00 - 01:00
Tirsdag: 15:00 - 22:15
Onsdag: 15:00 - 22:15
Torsdag: 15:00 - 22:15
Fredag: 15:00 - 22:15
Lørdag: 15:00 - 22:15
Søndag: 15:00 - 22:15


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