Weitling Coiffure

Weitling Coiffure

At Weitling Coiffure in Kolding shopping mall, they will do everything to feel good and gives you a unique experience where you truly take center stage. All salon five well-trained hairdressers stands ready with lots of inputs and good ideas for your particular hair. For them it is important that the customer is satisfied, and therefore they have put plenty of time for each customer so there is no doubt about your wishes.

All hairdressers are aware that Haarmoden changing rapidly and is therefore often on courses so they are always updated on the latest trends and techniques.

Salon's own words

The hair does well everything for us, so it's super important that the hairstyle fits exactly to you, your face, your head shape.

Just like the color must match your suit, the clothes you like best. Is hair shiny and glossy, or penetrates it a cure? The hair show who you are!

I will do everything to your satisfaction in my business, my team and myself, by guiding professionally.

Pia Weitling


Låsbybanke 10, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 75 56 29 29
E-mail: kontakt@weitling.com

Opening Hours

Mandag: Lukket
Tirsdag-fredag: 10.00-17.30
Lørdag: 10.00-14.00
Søndag: Lukket


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Weitling Coiffure
Weitling Coiffure
Weitling Coiffure