If you want a healthy lunch of delicious and colorful sushi, Wabiwabi is the perfect place. They have breakfast offerings in Roskilde and Amager.
At Wabiwabi, tradition meets modernity. According to Wabiwabi, sushi must be beautiful and colorful. Therefore, they also combine sushi in their own unique way, which they call Wabistyle. The food is full of color and full of flavor. Your eyes as well as taste buds are challenged, and you therefore get a truly unique sense of sensation. The tasteful food is served in an aesthetically and visually inviting way - the take-away is convinced that it is not only the taste that makes up a meal. The dishes also include elements from both modern Nordic and traditional Japanese cuisine.

Wabiwabi has a skilled staff in the back. Hosts and hostesses are always ready to answer questions or recommend you menus. This is whether you meet physically as a guest in the restaurant or make a call. If you are in doubt, you can always contact the staff.
Wabiwabi's skilled cooks put a lot of energy into delivering different, more welcoming and, not least, honest food. In this way, Wabiwabi distinguishes itself from the traditional sushi bar. The take-away has high ambitions and warm hearts. The food is made with love and is required for every detail. You are thus guaranteed an exclusive dining experience.

Their restaurants are decorated in a single Japanese minimalist style that sets the framework for your visit and contributes to a fantastic sensation experience. The cores are highly competent, having a high level of knowledge about the contents of the menu and the various raw materials. It is a knowledge that you can easily use if you have any questions about the menu or individual dishes.

Wabiwabis is for you who want a complete restaurant experience at a favorable price.


Islands Brygge 81, 2300 København S

Contact info

Tlf.: +45 4371 0000 
Email: mail@wabiwabi.dk

Opening Hours

Man - tors: 16.00 - 22.00
Fre - lør: 12.00 - 23.00
Søn: 16.00 - 22.00


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