Vita Boost

The peat halls are filled with gastronomic experiences, and here Vita Boost is no exception. At Vita Boost you can get everything from a gluten-free panini to a delicious juice, and here is the real detail for the preparation. If you are missing a place where you can have a delicious and healthy lunch, you may want to try Vita Boost in Copenhagen.

The menu at Vita Boost is packed with delights, and no doubt everyone will have something for everyone. On their website you can see a great overview of all the options. You can choose from anything from a delicious mango bowl to a coconut shake or juicy muffin. For example, if you order a smoothie, you can be sure to get a saturating vitamin bomb! Their muffins and paninies are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan, and taste delicious.

Vita Boost has a philosophy that it is best to eat sensibly and varied. In this connection, they have chosen to make all their products homemade. And it can be tasted. It may be tempting to choose the slightly more unhealthy solution when you're on the go, but with Vita Boost you can try something that is healthier and that keeps you saturated. That is the take away in the healthy way.

To get a better insight into Vita Boost and what to expect from the site, we recommend you visit their profile on Instagram. Here you will be constantly updated with great pictures of the delicious food!

Are you into smoothies, juices, smoothies bowls and crispy paninies? Then visit Vita Boost. The take away spot has a booth in Torvehallerne. If you are on the go, you may need to have a game of lunch or refreshment from here. A trip to Vita Boost is also an ideal pit stop for the shopping trip or the long walk along the lakes.


Linnésgade 17
1361 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 78 78 22 22


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