Underground Library Kolding

Underground Library Kolding - or scorpion fish - is simply described library services for young people. However, there are not very simple at sculpin, for underground library as haunts in the basement of Kolding libraries are packed with cultural offerings for young people who want to meet and socialize together around many interests. Sculpin is a gathering point for young people of various political convictions, schools, ethnicity and subcultures, where creativity, ideas and various events unfolded.
The main objective is a user-driven process that creates networks between the library and the city's young people, where the very young are the driving forces behind sculpin. They are the ones that determine the activities and what scorpion fish to be used.

If you are young in Kolding, and interests you care for culture and learning through social interaction with other young people and want to co-determination and influence on activities and events, then Sculpin the right place.


Kolding Bibliotekerne / Kælderen
Slotssøvejen 4
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 24776552

E-mail: beth@kolding.dk

Opening Hours

ULK har åbent i samme tidsrum som Kolding Bibliotek:

Mandag 08:00– 18:00 .

Tirsdag 08:00– 22:00 .

Onsdag 08:00– 18:00 .

Torsdag 08:00– 22:00 .

Fredag 08:00– 18:00 .

Lørdag 10:00– 14:00 .

Søndag 13:00– 16:00

NB! der kan være vekslende åbningstider - besøg http://www.koldingbib.dk/biblioteker for præcis information.


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