Training Guide: How to Become a Country Inspector?

Training Guide: How to Become a Country Inspector?


An education as a land inspector is an exciting education that offers technology, surveying and mathematics in a very special way. Read more about what the education entails here!

What does a land inspector do?

Land inspectors play a little special role in creating future infrastructure projects, buildings and climate projects. As a land inspector, you will work in a cross-field between engineers, lawyers, city planners and architects. Tasks involve measuring, calculating, planning and quality assuring the project. You will help to create bigger projects around Denmark.

It is a position where there is a huge shortage in the Danish business community, therefore unemployment is low but the starting salary is high. Becoming a land inspector means good terms of employment, good wages, pensions and a contractual wage development. This is a 5-year university education that can be read in either Copenhagen or Aalborg. It will give you access to tremendously exciting career opportunities all over Denmark, both in the office but also in the open sky in the free nature and on industrial construction sites!

What should you learn about during your education?

Throughout the program you specialize in either surveying, mapping, planning and land management. As well as real estate economics and engineering or geoinformatics.

To get started with the education this requires a high school education with Danish and mathematics at A-level and English at B-level.

But what's in store for new technology as a trained land inspector?

The very large tools of the future are controlled in the air, also known as a drone. Here you use either custom-built drones or industrial drones from the brand DJI that require drone certificates of category 1A and / or 1B to control.

Have you considered yourself or need to know a little more? - Visit southern Denmark's largest inspector for more information about the education and the general job description.

By becoming a land inspector you can make a difference and fight for the climate on a daily basis!