Three programs that only take one year

Three programs that only take one year

Have you become tired of studying and hanging your head in the books, and do you want to get out into the job market as soon as possible? Then there are actually several different education programs that only take one year to complete, after which you can come directly to the labor market. If this sounds tempting and something for you, read on here. Here are three different programs that you can take that only last for one year.

funeral Homes

If you want to educate yourself as a layman, then this can be done in just one year. The education is for people who either want to be self-employed or to people who want to be an assistant supporter. If you are missing an advisor in Odense , you can read more about it. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a shorter education, then you can check out the training as a layman.

transport Training

Although you should not think so, it is actually possible to get a transport education in just one year. Usually, it takes longer if you want to read a specific transport education so that you are educated within something more specifically. However, it is possible to get a short basic transport education in just one year. You can do this by stopping after a year that you can on most transport programs. In this way, in the first year, you have acquired the most important qualifications that allow you to drive as a freight driver.

train driver

Believe it or not, it is possible to find an education for a duration of only 10 months: namely driver. You can become a driver in both long-distance traffic, and thereby work throughout the country, or in S-trains, and thereby work in the Copenhagen area.

If you still don't quite know if any of this sounds like something to you, you can choose to take an education test to see which education is right for you.