Three good tips to make your Sabbath year completely unforgettable

Three good tips to make your Sabbath year completely unforgettable

You are shaking out of the room, your legs feel like spaghetti. You could not have done better, but you're still nervous. Your whole family is wearing Christmas lights in the eyes and wide smile. They have flags and champagne with. This feels like the longest 5 minutes in your life, it feels closer to 5 hours. Finally, your teacher comes out to pick you up and you're shaking back into the room again. This time you go with a big smile out of the room. You can feel the relief flow through you and you go out to your family. The champagne plugs burst and you put the well-deserved hat on your head. You can see the pride in your parents' eyes and you can look forward to a wild student time, as well as a long and relaxing summer vacation. Finally, three years of wear are over.

After the student week and the fourteen days of vacation you have been on, panic suddenly begins to report because what are you doing now? You have always been used to school after the summer vacation and have not had to decide what you want with your life. But this year it's different, you'll suddenly make an important decision. The whole world is at your feet, which is a scary thought. You finally decide that you want to take a sabbatical year, but what are you going to spend it on? Here you get 3 tips to make the most of your Sabbath year.


1. Earn money and gain experience

You have been won for your 900 kr. From your home SU in all the time you have attended high school. Now you have the opportunity to go out and find a full-time job where you can earn a lot of money while gaining experience of what it means to have a permanent job. If you have had a leisure or study job through your high school, try to hear them if they could be interested in offering you full-time job. If not, just start searching. Write a lot of applications, print them out and walk around to all the shops, restaurants, cafes, daycare centers and whatever else there are jobs for where you live. Search wide and do not be fussy. Once you get a full-time job, your daily life can begin. Not only do you earn a lot of money, you also get experience as well as a more attractive CV. Remember, you can find exciting study jobs at


2. Stay happy

It may also be that you want to spend your Sabbath year traveling out in the world and experiencing a lot of other cultures. It is very popular to travel, whether it is a backpack trip, volunteering or paid work is very individual. Then find out what kind of trip you want, and then investigate the possibilities for how to experience your travel dream. Should it be three months through Asia, where your cultural horizons are expanded. Half a year in South America's vulnerable areas where you help poor children in need. Or a year in one of Europe's big cities, where your language skills and account are enriched. Wherever you want to go and what kind of trip you want, the only thing you have to decide on. But whatever you choose, it will definitely be a journey of life.


3. Get smarter on life

You already miss high school and especially the social community you had, but you're still not ready to read on. Therefore, high school is an obvious opportunity to get something that reminiscent of high school. In addition to creating a lot of social relationships, a college stay is great for your future study opportunities. There are all kinds of high schools, both of which are suitable for your hobbies or for study preparation. You come in among a lot of people and have to do it yourself alone. Therefore, you are not only wiser about life in general, but also on yourself and who you are, and what you want with your life. Whatever you choose, a Sabbath year is never wasted. So choose from your interests and what's best for you, so it can not go wrong. You can possibly. Take's education test .