The carpenter Aalborg

The carpenter Aalborg

Of the Aalborg carpentry Company, also known as carpenter Aalborg , is owned by and operated by Nick Trend Prydsø. Although its headquarters is located in Aalborg, solved tasks around all over Gauteng and in Aarhus and Copenhagen - to perfection.

Nick Trend Prydsøs carpenter company is modern one of its kind, where you as a customer is what we weigh at most. In order to provide a top service and work of the best quality we provide always to be updated within the latest trends and developments in the carpentry industry. We also perform tasks for both businesses and individuals.

Quality, accountability and honesty
Some of the core words of carpenter Aalborg is quality, accountability and honesty, and among our clients, we also referred to as effective, hardworking, result-oriented and solution the man. This is partly due to the fact that only the best materials are used when a piece of work is done, and working with some of the best experts in the carpentry industry.

There is then no tasks that are not being done wholeheartedly and therefore we do not accept more tasks than we can meet the deadlines. In relation to the types of tasks we perform, we can handle everything from very large to very small tasks. Common to them all is that no matter how big or small they are, we take them all equally seriously, and all tasks are followed through to ensure that the quality of what we have done at any time in the top.

When we perform a task, we think, of course, always on hygiene and cleanup. So we run in a modern car that is always clean and tidy. In this way, we are always clean and hygienic when we visit you, and our staff always meet you with a smile. Once we've completed a task, we also make sure that there are neat and tidy after our visit.

It is always the carpenter himself, answering the phone, and it is therefore also the carpenter who take out and look at the task and makes an offer.


Nørreholmsvej 231
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 2721 2067


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The carpenter Aalborg
The carpenter Aalborg
The carpenter Aalborg
The carpenter Aalborg