Tips for keeping the brain focused.

Tips for keeping the brain focused.

We all tend to overestimate how much we can manage to get fixed during the day. Maybe you work full time, and thus your best waking hours go to work - and then you may no longer have the surplus to cultivate your own interests once the working day is over. So how can you make sure you keep your energy level fairly stable throughout the day so you have the surplus to get the most out of your free time?

Many of us especially notice that it is in the afternoon that the energy dives - where many of us also have time off, and suddenly have to have loose pick-up of children, shopping and other errands. This is primarily due to our circadian rhythm and when we eat meals, where you may nod in recognition that you may feel tired after meals, but may wake up later in the evening. So what can you do to work more efficiently and at the same time make the most of your free time?

Raise your energy with a snack

Even though you may have just been sitting in the office all day, even physical sports, such as football or basketball, as well as the more mental ones (eg poker), it is extremely important to maintain the energy and concentration to perform a good strategy effectively. Here the hero does not do well without having enough fuel in the engine, so therefore we recommend that you get a snack. Here, of course, we are not thinking of a chocolate bar washed down with cola or other empty calories, but something where you actually get some substance and minerals. Bananas, crispbread, rye bread, smoothie - something that does not take up too much space, but at the same time can refresh you before you start. Make sure to eat 20-30 minutes before you start, so that the food has time to settle.

Get enough sleep

It sounds simple and you have probably heard it many times before, but sleep is the best prerequisite you can give yourself for a good day. Many people go to bed too late because they either feel that they are recovering late at night, or you simply postpone jumping under the duvet because the brain feels that you have not had enough time for yourself. But once you have mastered your sleep pattern on weekdays, you can set a good rhythm in motion and feel like you are getting more out of the day. In addition, we also recommend that you take an afternoon nap for a quick and easy way to refresh yourself.

Decorate your day according to energy level

Have you ever considered what time of day you are most obvious and when you feel a dip in energy? Most people experience that they are most mentally fresh in the hours after they get up - so in the morning before lunch time. This is where all the mentally demanding work gets done faster. Many also experience that the afternoon goes a bit slower with the head, and here it is therefore obvious to take a break from all "thinking work" and instead move the body to physical activity, so you can freshen up the head again and get the blood around the body. By organizing your tasks and day (to the extent possible) by energy level, you can ensure that your productivity is maintained for as long as possible. This means that you can also have more time.

Think in terms of time savings

Finally, we will also advise you to plan your or the whole family's week, so you can both keep track of various errands and appointments, and see where time can be saved. Maybe you can put several errands on top of each other in one afternoon while you still have to drive children to and from sports. That way you avoid having to spend precious transport time on other days. The same applies to cooking, meal plans and "mealprepping", where many can also save time in everyday life.