The Zoo

If you want to visit a zoo in Copenhagen that doesn't involve anything with animals, then Zoo is probably for you. The Zoo in Copenhagen is a nice nightclub, and should not be confused with the Copenhagen Zoo. This cozy nightclub is centrally located in Copenhagen at Sværtegade 6.

At the Zoo you will find a cozy nightclub that sets the mood for a cozy evening without. There is plenty of room here so you and your fellow students can easily unfold your creative moves on the dance floor. Here you are sure to have a memorable evening out with your friends. The DJ will definitely make sure there is some good music that you can fire some cool moves. The dance floor has been expanded to enormous size, with the zoo even describing their dance floor as being a playground for adults. This playground is definitely something you and your friends should explore if you love to dance while in town.

The zoo always creates an intimate, festive and cozy atmosphere, and here they do everything they can to ensure that their guests have a good experience in their nightclub. They try to meet their guests' expectations to make your experience at the Zoo a wonderful memory.

The zoo is open every Thursday to Saturday, where you can have a great party all year round. The nightclub is atypical in that they already open the doors at 8pm, so you can get in early at the club and enjoy their dance floor, the cozy atmosphere and their good drinks. In addition, they only close at 5am, so you have plenty of opportunity to dance all night if that's something you fancy.

If you are looking for an obvious nightclub to visit when exploring the nightlife in Copenhagen, then Zoo is definitely the obvious choice for you.


Sværtegade 6
1118 København K

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