The Old Barber Shop

Are you in the Copenhagen area and want to visit a well-known tattoo shop? Then you should visit The Old Barber Shop located at the address Skindergade 36 in Copenhagen K just off the street. You may know The Old Barber Shop from TV, where the series "Tattoo Salon" has been shown on TV3 for a number of seasons.

At The Old Barber Shop, also called the Tattoo Salon, you will find the two proprietors Morten and Jonas. The two proprietors are both passionate about body decoration and have filled their bodies with tattoos. Morten and Jonas have a so-called "friend tattoo" of a lightning that the other has tattooed. So it is quite clear that the two owners have a great passion for tattoos.

Here at The Old Barber Shop it is possible to come by and get a tattoo, whatever it is because you have a motive in mind that you want to get made or you just want some inspiration for a future tattoo. In addition, at The Old Barber Shop, they also have walls full of designs from their talented tattoo artists, which you can get if you find one that suits your taste.

If you are not into tattoos but want to get a piercing, you can also get this done at The Old Barber Shop. Whatever it is a piercing that should help you decorate or you want one for practical reasons, you can get this done here. Migraine piercings, which should help against one's migraine, are very popular to get made here. In addition, they also make other piercings against various genes, for example against allergies.

Want to book a time to get a tattoo done? Whatever you know in advance what you want to do or you want to get the talented tattoo artists at The Old Barber Shop to create something nice on your body, you can advantageously book time. You can either choose to show up in the salon and book an appointment, call by phone on 33 13 93 13 or send them an email at .

However, it must be added that you must be over 18 to be tattooed. If you are over this age, however, it is no problem, so call or send an email today if you want to get tattooed at Denmark's most famous tattoo shop, The Old Barber Shop in Copenhagen.


Skindergade 36, 1159 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 13 93 13 

Opening Hours

Mandag - lørdag: 10.00 - 18.00