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Are you missing some new make-up, a new scent, a new cream or something completely fourth in that genre? Then you may need to take a walk past The Body Shop. The Body Shop is a well-known retail chain where you can buy everything your heart desires when it comes to beauty. You can find The Body Shop abroad, at home and online! In Kolding you will find, for example, a The Body Shop store in Kolding Storcenter on Skovvangen 42.

The Body Shop is a long story business chain that started in Brighton, England in 1976. Anita Roddick, the founder of the business chain, has created a universe and a business that uses many of its resources and power to do good. This can be seen in many different contexts. For example, since 1989, the international cosmetics business has been battling for a beauty industry free of animal cruelty. First in the UK, then in the EU and now The Body Shop has turned its gaze to the UN! If you want to know a little more about what The Body Shop works for, you can read more about it on their own website.

In general, The Body Shop describes itself as a company that wants to be transparent about the way they do business. Therefore, they are also transparent around the ingredient list and the like, so you know what you are buying.

The Body Shop has an Instagram profile that you can check out right here ! Here, news, updates and a lot of other exciting content are regularly posted.

In addition to being a gift to yourself, the products from The Body Shop can also be a great gift idea for your friend, mom, boyfriend or other you love. Here you can get a little of everything, and you can choose between products for face, body and hair. The possibilities are almost endless, as The Body Shop regularly releases new and exciting products, fragrances and make-up. Here you follow the trends of the time, and there will undoubtedly be something for everyone. Whether you are into products with more dimmed scents or products where there are more scents. You have also taken care of you who want to use vegan products. These are also available in The Body Shops range. If you have any doubts about which products are right for you or the person you want to pamper, then you can very well visit your nearest The Body Shop store and get the help and advice of one of the employees in the store.

At The Body Shop you can buy just about anything the heart desires when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. The stores can be found all over the world, and even if you do not have a store nearby, you can shop the products from The Body Shop online. The cosmetics company has created a universe where they spend a lot of their resources on doing something good so you can buy new products for your collection with good conscience.


Skovvangen 42
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 75 52 22 16

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 10.00 - 20.00
Lørdag: 09.30 - 16.00
Søndag: lukket


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