The Australian Bar

The Australian Bar

The Australian Bar in Inner Copenhagen attracts many young people and has become an institution in the Copenhagen nightlife. It is the place where the entire Greater Copenhagen youth meet for beers, shots, a game of pool, a little football and a leg on the dance floor downstairs in the dark basement. Here, you can always get cheap booze and cool pints, especially on Thursdays, where "A-bar" houses the beleaguered DKK 10 bar. The naughty girls and guys give it always gas on the dance floor where the DJ plays the latest music, the coolest rock and also like the little forgotten the past. On Fridays played often provide live music in the disco starts. So there is indeed something for everyone. And most importantly, you can come as you are, for example, directly from work.


Vestergade 10, 1050 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 15 04 80

Opening Hours


Søndag - Onsdag:
18.00 - 02.00
Torsdag - Lørdag:
18.00 - 05.00


Torsdag - Lørdag:
23.00 - 05.00


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The Australian Bar