Sushi Mania - Aalborg

Sushi Mania describe themselves as Denmark's fastest sushi take-away and we are in no doubt that they are. It is easy and simple to book on their website, depending on where you live in Denmark. In Aalborg you will find, among other things, Sushi Mania at Reberbansgade 11b.

Although Sushi Mania is a relatively new concept in Denmark, they have nevertheless managed to open 22 restaurants in Denmark. Sushi Mania are very devoted to just the sushi you get, delivered with great care. They make a lot of attention to that served with sushi travel to your table can be looked back on with a clear conscience. This is not only good for the environment around sushi, but also for you as a consumer and not least your taste buds.  

At Sushi Mania, you can both come in from the street and buy a game of sushi directly from the counter, with their pick'n'mix concept, but also order it online on their app or on their website under the same concept, which is just for and easily manageable. The unique thing about this concept is that you can choose exactly which pieces of sushi you want. So you do not have to choose between different pre-arranged sushi menus, here you can choose everything yourself, even the accessories you want to bring .  

Should you choose to go down to the restaurant, you will be greeted by a deliciously light restaurant that exudes delicious fresh fish, and you will almost be taken to Tokyo's luminous streets - all in all a really modern take on a classic sushi take-away . Their chefs , with more than 20 years of experience in preparing sushi, will at all times be ready to show you their skills in the craft of preparing the perfect sushi. So should your sushi differ from what you ordered, don't despair, it's just the creativity that has been at stake with the skilled chefs.  

When it comes to fresh fish, the products must also be made and this makes Sushi Mania the fullest. Their fish is certified, quality assured and sustainable. All fish used and sold are sustainably labeled, including of Global Gap and Friend of the Sea. In addition, Sushi Mania's great competences come in to prepare your sushi, which is made with care and passion. Among their fish, you will find tuna from Ecuador, Shrimp from Vietnam, salmon from Norway and hamachi from Australia, all tagged and approved by either Global Gap or Friends of the Sea. This sets a standard for quality.  

So if you have a craving for sushi, Sushi Mania can deliver exactly what you're looking for, whether it's for the quick hunger, take-away or a delicious sushi date. Here you will not go wrong in the city, not even in Odense where the sushi shops thrive in great style.  


Reberbansgade 11b
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 10 91 09

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 20.30


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