The sourdough baker

When you have your breakfast ready, the bread is one of the most important things. It must be juicy and delicious, but it can be hard to make it yourself. At the sourdough baker at Budolfi Plads 4 in Aalborg, you know what good craftsmanship is. In the bakery they focus on sour dough in their baked goods, which gives the bread the extra touch to make it taste heavenly.   

The sourdough baker opened on December 16, 2019. Henrik Bruse Skougaard is the man behind and is established in the chef industry, as he can write restaurants such as Fusion and Restaur ant MEAT on the CV. In 2018, he started learning from the best sourdough bakers, and sold bread to Butik Gejst in the eyewear district. But the goal was to open his own bakery. He therefore got help from Lars Helmuth, who is quite well known in the restaurant industry in Aalb org. From there, the rest is history. Henrik now offers high quality bread and dreams of making Aalborg's most flavorful sourdough bread.  

The bakery is in the city center and has all the shopping facilities nearby you could wish At the same time there is also the opportunity to see some sights around. The Utzon Center, which exhibits art and architecture by Jørn Utzon, is only a 9-minute walk away. If you are traveling with family, you only have to drive 7 minutes to get to Aalborg Zoo.  

The bakery focuses on good Nordic crafts and organic ingredients, where all bread is made with at least 20% whole grains. It is baked several times a day, so you can always be sure to get fresh bread. The sourdough bread can also easily last for 4-5 days, where an ordinary bakery bread can live quickly dry. Therefore, you can advantageously buy a sourdough bread that can last for several days of breakfast if it is not eaten before then!   

Even if you only come to pick up the breakfast for the family, the bakery is meant to be able to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. The bakery's cozy rooms are perfect for meeting with the family for an early lunch or a cup of coffee. If you're more into the sweet tooth, you can taste their giant cinnamon snail with pistachio or the popular Nutella bun, which can lure any child or the hungry adult to the bakery.  

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can easily breathe relief. The bread consists only of a sourdough, flour, salt and water, so even if you do not eat dairy products, you can enjoy a good sourdough bread. At the same time , they have both gluten-free and lactose-free cakes when the dessert hunger comes along.  

If you want to try your hand with sourdough, you can find a recipe on their website. The owner of the sourdough baker also holds a series of sourdough courses, where you get to know all about the art of the sourdough, and how to get from start to finish sourdough. So you get an answer to everything from "Can you pause a leaven?" to “What to do in itno go wrong? "  

If you want to jump on the sourdough wave, buy your bread from the sourdough baker, where fresh ingredients and homemade bread are the key words. You can easily pre-order freshly baked bread, because once you have bought your bread in the bakery, it quickly becomes difficult not to come back.  


Budolfi Plads 4
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 10 10 50

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 07.00 - 16.00
Torsdag - lørdag: 07.00 - 17.00


The sourdough baker's website