Healthy teeth with student discounts at dentists Frederiksgade

Healthy teeth with student discounts at dentists Frederiksgade

It is the view of many that the SU and dental visits do not go well together. But it is both inaccurate and annoying perception.

One to two annual visits to the dentist plays a key role in maintaining healthy teeth. But these dental visits may pose a significant part of the budget, while on the SU - and it goes beyond teeth health!

Prevention is namely both the best and cheapest way to avoid having to pay a fortune at the dentist, but an important part of proper prevention is to undergo teeth cleaning at the dentist. A treatment that quite often deselected by students.

Watchman you your dental health high, but you are challenged by the dentist often high prices, there is good reason to choose dentists Frederiksgade your dentist in Aarhus. Here there are: a significant student discounts to retrieve for you as a student.

Student discount on free services

Student discount at Tandlægerne Fred erik street means that you get 15% discount on free services in connection with your treatment at the dentist. With free services refer to dental procedures if prices dentists even regulates opposite fixed payments if prices are fixed by the Dental Association and the public health insurance.

Among the free services you will find among other things, the removal of wisdom teeth, plastrestaureringer and root canal; all kinds of treatments that may be relevant to you as a student.

The dentists Frederiksgade are going to allow students to maintain a stable and healthy dental hygiene, and at this clinic gives you all a professional dentist in Aarhus with highly competitive prices.

How to get a student discount

Once you are enrolled in SU eligible education, you can get student discounts at dentists Frederiksgade. In practice this means that you must present a valid student card or enrollment confirmation before starting treatment.

Your student discount will be deducted from the final price, and you risk is in no way to go down in quality as you go down in price. You ok for always receive the same excellent treatment and caring approach characterizing all treatments in the clinic.

Dentists Frederik Gades aims to give student discounts on dental treatments for you is to influence you to prioritize dental visits high and thus choose a focus on health to.

In other words, it does not need to be expensive to go to the dentist when you are a student.