Study School in Copenhagen

Since 1977, the studio school existed and operated language courses and various foreign languages ​​and education.

This is where you as a Dane or exchange student can learn to speak Danish. You can also simply brush up some phrases, learn grammar, or try to learn another language if you wish. If you have a Danish social security card, tuition free. All teachers are university teachers and taught from the individual student's level and skills.

The students come from over 100 different countries in the world and is taught in over 30 languages.

There are taught in four different locations in Copenhagen.

Depending on the language being taught, so start new courses about Every other month. Some courses start every six weeks. Also during the summer. You can take a test on the website to find out what level you have taught.


Borgergade 12, 1
1300 København K

Contact info

Tlf: 33 18 79 00

Opening Hours

Mandag-onsdag 10-16
Torsdag 10-18
Fredag 10-14


Study School in Copenhagen's website

Study School in Copenhagen
Study School in Copenhagen
Study School in Copenhagen
Study School in Copenhagen