Open meeting on sex education

Open meeting on sex education

The students are highly motivated, but sex education lacks status and is a bit haphazard. That was the message from the Association of Sex and Society, as the Danish School students and other parties discussed the subject terms with the Minister of Education.
Red ears and curled toes in the classroom. Who do not recall sex education in schools? On 25 January, the Danish Students themselves, principals and several other parties invited to a public meeting in the Ministry of Education. Today's topic was sex education in schools. The questions were many. How can the teaching profession be better? It must have fixed hours? Teachers should be offered better training? Or is it something else, it takes? Young people are very concerned with the subject. Perhaps the teachers' interest, it is not easy? "It's fun to talk with children about what it is to be in love, and how the body changes. It should not be so afraid, "said Rikke Møller from" health center for young people "in Aarhus.

always difficult

The students are highly motivated, but the profession lacks status. Therefore, teaching a little haphazard, said the association Sex and Society. In turn, the association's experience that schools are very interested in good teaching material and framework to teach from. Danish School students are concerned about teachers' qualifications to teach the subject. Halter they, important topics such as homosexuality easily overlooked. According to the Danish Union of Teachers, the course is difficult to teach because there will always be young people who find that they have problems and have difficulty with sexuality. "Therefore, the teachers always have a feeling that they do not teach optimally in the subject. Perhaps it is also about aligning expectations. What can the school and what it can not in this area, "said Head of Department at the Danish Union of Teachers Jesper Støier.

Involve parents

There was broad consensus that the parents must be involved in how the individual school interferes profession depends. Therefore, school boards draw up principles for teaching organized in schools. One way is to seize the profession depends on is to train a number of teachers at each school. So it is not necessarily class permanent teachers who teach the subject. Otherwise, external teachers involved, said the Head teachers. "Could we not spread the knowledge and experience already in the schools?" Asked Karsten Sørensen from KOSMOS, which is the national resource center for health, diet and exercise. From university colleges / teacher came a proposal to offer sex education as training in a module in the educational diploma. Several praised the quality of the Ministry of Education curriculum, developed by the Ministry in cooperation with KOSMOS and the Danish School of Education.

Leaders' responsibilities

Education Minister Bertel Haarder concluded that the parties agree on responsibilities for it at the school discussed how the teaching of the subject to be organized. Depending on grade level, management can decide whether teaching lessons in class time or whether biology teacher in 7th grade, for example, must have an extra hour for 14 days. "I do not believe that a fixed number of hours is the solution," he said. Minister like the suggestion that the principles of sex education established in the school boards.

Tutorial and training

In addition to teachers' education university colleges offer courses in public school hour solve subjects that also covers health and sex education and family studies, but not all sites are equal search for these courses among students. "It's almost a guarantee that not all the teaching team are a teacher who has qualifications to teach the subject. This indicates that in addition to the curriculum are exciting material, which already does. In cases must then assume some tutorial or training, "said Bertel Haarder. Among the many ideas included the possibility that the Ministry of Education along with principals focuses on the teaching of the subject in a letter, which among other things provides information on the meeting and sent out to all schools. There were also proposals to spread the good examples and ideas and encourage schools to prioritize the subject. With a view to possible improvement of sex education, the many inputs from the meeting will be discussed in conciliation.


Sex education * Sexual Teaching is of course health and sex education and family life education in teacher training. * Schools are required to set aside time to and teach sex education, there is a so-called time resolved subjects. * There are binding targets for education. They were last revised in 2009. The following external parties were represented * Ministry of Health * Health Authority * KL * School leaders * Denmark's Teacherassociation * Danish School students * School and Society * university colleges / teacher education * association Sex and Society * KOSMOS - National Research Centre for Health, Diet and Exercise * Health Centre for Youth, Aarhus. Source: Ministry of Education