At Barber Stone that you find on Nikolaj Plads number 7, are you sure that quality is paramount. - For them it is all that you are so pleased with your new hårfrisure that you enter them again.

At Stone make much out of that they know that we are not all born with the same type of hair. Therefore, they show their professionalism by just to be experts in all types of hair. You can always be sure that here you get a hairstyle that suits you. They declare so even on their website that they can see what it takes to create the perfect hairstyle for the different types of hair as soon as you walk in the door.

This confidence is based partly on the expertise and experience but also because they always make sure to keep up to date. Thus, they are here, always aware of what is the latest trend in hair dues over the world and are ready to show it to their clients.


Nikolaj Plads 7 st th
1067 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 33 11 88 08

Opening Hours

Tjek salonens hjemmeside for åbningstider.


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