Stefanos Vinbar

Are you looking for a cozy wine bar on Østerbro? Then you may be passing Stefanos Wine Bar. Here you can explore and enjoy a variety of wines in the company of your fellow students. Specifically, you will find Stefanos Wine Bar in Copenhagen on Ourøgade 36. It is near the Svanemøllehallen, the Common Park and the Rigshospitalet, and you can get there quickly by public transport.

The rooms at Stefanos Vinbar are extremely cozy, thus creating a good setting for a cozy evening with good wine. If you are unsure which wine to taste, you can be sure that the sweet staff will probably help you along the way. Stefanos Wine Bar is also the owner of Stefanos Pizza, Stefanos Pita Guys and Stefanos Food & Coffee, which is why you can be sure that you visit a wine bar that has control over what's important.

Are you on Østerbro and need a glass of wine to shoot the weekend? Then you may have to visit Stefanos Wine Bar on Ourøgade 36. If this is the place for you, you may also like the other places the proprietors own which you can visit too! You can get a glimpse of these places on Instagram .


Ourøgade 36
2100 København Ø

Contact info

Telefon: 29 29 49 94


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