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Save money on study books

Save money on study books

Learning is expensive

To start a higher education can often end up being an expensive pleasure. Besides having to worry about rent, insurance, heating and electricity have students often high cost of textbooks.

It is not unusual to pay between 2,000 and 4,000 kroner for books at the start of a new semester, which in turn is twice every year on the study. Medical students use in their studies averaged 30,000 on books that are needed for education, leading to tight living conditions on a SU-budget. Authors of the study books publisher also often new versions of their works every year, which means that it is not optimal to buy cheap, used study books.

Money saving

However, it is possible to save a lot of money on books to study and thus get some air in the budget.

Lasse Bunk has created the website where you can compare prices on books. This is also very beneficial for students because it allows finding study books at the cheapest prices. Lasse Bunk has also added England's bookstores to the search engine, allowing for even greater savings.

Lasse Bunk says: "We often find that there is a lot to save on study books, among other things, by buying books in England. So we added some English bookstores to our search so we now have the vast majority of Danish and English bookstores and used book sites in our search. This often gives a good saving for the students. "

This website may therefore be of great help to students and do that possibly can be air in the SU budget for anything but pasta with ketchup.

Danish and English bookstores

The search engine searches not only by Danish booksellers - but also of the English bookstores and all the great used book websites, making the savings even greater.

You can try Bogrobotten on .