The Navy Engineering Course

The Navy Engineering Course

The Navy Engineering Course training in maritime and mechanical engineering, data processing, information technology, electrical and electronics engineering, environmental management and training. More education at the Naval Engineering Course is real apprenticeships, which issued apprenticeship on an equal footing with similar civil education.

What is the Navy Engineering Course?
The Navy Engineering Course is the Navy's naval technical training and knowledge.

The Navy Engineering Course offers a wide range of technical programs. The general education is vocational in automation and electronics where the school conducts Defence's overall apprenticeship of electronics constables, and Navy apprenticeship of automation constables.

Other civilian education and training carried machinist and datafagtekniker, as a training for technical staff to be trained to sergeant.

Similarly offered a variety of programs aimed directly at the Navy's special needs for skills in ship and mechanical engineering, workshop technology, monitoring and early warning technology, control and communications engineering.

There are also ongoing training of technical cadets as an integral part of the Navy's Marine Engineering Education.

Military technicians.
The Navy Engineering Course is the only educational institution in Denmark for naval technical education. This created military technicians at a high professional level.

The unique combination of civilian and military technical education is unique and is a prerequisite for use of the Navy's modern, high-tech ships.

Technical Education and knowledge center.
The Navy Engineering Course has emerged as an amalgamation of a number of the Navy's technical colleges during the 1980s and 1990s. This collection of experience and technological knowledge has created the basis for that school today is Armed Forces naval technical training and knowledge.

When the Navy Engineering Course creates military technicians at a high professional level, teaching and training equipment naturally reflect this.
Education is therefore carried out with extensive use of IT in rooms, workshops and laboratories dedicated to technical education.

How operates the Navy Engineering Course?
Navy ships operating worldwide, while the Navy Engineering Course seem better be described as national, since training primarily takes place ahead of international operations.
To maintain a high level of qualification, the school participates in international cooperation on issues such machine simulation and sensor technology, like teachers trained by respective suppliers abroad.

The Navy Engineering Course will focus on being at the forefront of technological development in order to support the modern technology used in Navy ships.
Similar styles school by providing technology support for Army and Air Force to the extent needs arise.


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The Navy Engineering Course
The Navy Engineering Course
The Navy Engineering Course
The Navy Engineering Course