Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)

Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)

SFU is a political youth organization who would like to change Denmark - rather today than tomorrow. Therefore, we sit not idly while 'adult' dealer policy. We do not give up when the bourgeois dealer unreasonable 'rescue packages' or deterioration in SU through. We go on the street and change the society around us.

We are an activist organization that has over 85 departments, 16 districts and 10 high-priority bastions around Denmark. Here we meet ordinary young people who have the heart to the left and want a Denmark where community democracy and equal opportunities are central.

In departments use SFU'erne their strength to change their lives for the better: Is the bus route to school under threat of closure goes SFU on the street, make petitions, organizing demonstrations or sending letters from all high school students to the city council. Is there violence in nightlife we ​​organize anti-violence torchlight and is present in the nightlife, so youth can safely celebrate. How we try to change our lives where we are.

At the same time we also make national campaigns where all SFU's departments and bastions campaigning on the same subject and take to the streets to highlight our political solutions to the Danish problems.
Want to be a part of the game, so find your local branch here !

SFU also organizes courses and træfs to continually improve our members. And once a year we meet for congress and decides what SFU going to do it next year, discussing politics and enjoy ourselves!

Member of SFU

As a member of SFU, you become part of the team that is fighting for a new course for Denmark. There is a need for us as the voice of youth after a decade of VKO in power - there is need that together we translate our discontent to political activity. And the more we are, the greater our ability to be heard and influence.

SFU is not just an ordinary youth party, but a movement of young people who want change now and here. And who believe that we can help to make that change. With us there are therefore cards from words to action.

In SFU can contribute in many different ways, depending on what you have the time and desire. Only your membership means a lot to us because it has a large signal value and help us financially to make powerful election campaigns, promotions and other activities that ensure visibility and support for our policy.

We want to make it easy for you to contribute and take responsibility in SFU. Therefore takes much of our work locally; schools, city life, at colleges mm. We also believe that it is local, that we create the largest foundation of popular support for SF and SFU. This is where we get to chat with people and show what we stand for. And this is where we meet many people's problems and concerns.

Therefore, we also need you as SFU's ambassador at your school or workplace, among your family and friends, the football club or wherever else you are active.

At the same time you can be there when we jointly put the spotlight on national issues through our nationwide campaigns.


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Telefon: 35 36 17 77



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Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)
Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)
Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)
Youth of the Socialist People's Party (SFU)