Want to work as a sexologist and therapist, as offers Sexologiskolen training for sexologist with a focus on the whole person. You can take the program to the sexologist and therapist in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

The field of sexology and therapy has become extremely popular the last few years and many young people have sought educational institutions in a professional manner can train them sexologist and therapist. The interest in sexology and therapy is also shared by educated professionals who want more competences in the field Sexologiskolen is one of the best educational institutions in Denmark in the field of sexology and here you get an education with a strong emphasis on professionalism and development of your skills.

Sexologiskolen where?

"But how can I take the course for sexologist?" Asks you safe. Sexologiskolen has two branches in Denmark - you therefore Sexologiskolen in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Here you will find the department in Copenhagen:

Gunløgsgade 3
Islands Brygge
2300 Copenhagen S.

Students at Sexologiskolen

The students at Sexologiskolen are both young students who want to work with people and educated professionals who want to improve their skills in sexology and therapy. The study method has a strong interdisciplinary profile that accommodate all students, regardless of age and gender. Sexologiskolen also places great emphasis on close cooperation between students so that dropout is minimized and the joy of training maintained throughout the study.


Gunløgsgade 1 st. Islands Brygge
2300 København S

Contact info

Telefon: 70 26 55 77