Holidays abroad? How to make the most of your stay

Holidays abroad? How to make the most of your stay

Does strangers win in you? Should lectures soon take place in a foreign language, while nature and culture outside the room at the same time are different? Every year a number of Danish students are looking for a semester at a foreign university.

A vacation on foreign lands sharpen your skills - socially as academically. The challenges on foreign grounds are different, both in terms of teaching methods, but also the way of life. When you, as an international student, take a vacation abroad, it may seem inconceivable to relate to the many unknown factors that concern your stay. This article will provide concrete advice for your stay, which will make it easier for you as future students at a foreign university - both before, just before and on the way.


It may be an expensive affair to study at a foreign university, but it necessarily does not have to be. It is also possible to get SU, SU loans or foreign fellowship if your future tuition is approved to replace the academic content you should have received in Denmark.

There may be cases where you have to pay for parts of the stay, for example, for the difference between the tuition fee between the Danish and foreign tariffs or circumstances, which means that the entire holiday will be financed. Even though the economy does not immediately extend in such situations, do not give up on the dream of a foreign stay yet. It is also possible to apply for legends at associations, companies and organizations that help young people with financial support for projects such as a vacation abroad.

Before you leave, there are of course a number of natural measures that are necessary for you to get air under your wings. Importantly, you have a study visa that allows you to be in the country beyond the time a tourist visa applies. Essentially, it is also true that your passport is updated and applies throughout your stay as well as a room time after for safety.

It is obvious that you have to overcome your new study reality. Therefore, a housing is also a necessity, which should be arranged before departure. To find an optimal housing without even being in the country to search for it, contact the relevant university. There are often affiliated homes for universities - both on and off campus. Also use the Internet; Here there will be a wealth of opportunities to look for accommodation on Facebook, LinkedIn groups or websites specifically for the purpose.

Pak optimally

The last point on the two-do list before the plane is easier is the vast majority of the package. It is assumed that the suitcase must be packed optimally with the possessions that will be indispensable in the vacation you are away from; Whether it's a breastfeeding bra , work pants or a nice shirt that's necessary for your everyday life to work, it should of course be packed.

Nevertheless, choose to pack economically. There is no need to pack a T-shirt, you only use it once a month. Choose the classic and timeless items from your wardrobe and pack these. Only & Sons is a Danish brand that supplies fashionable clothes of quality, and they therefore offer a good offer for a comprehensive travel wardrobe.


Whether before traveling or on the trip, you set a budget depends on when you have the right financial overview. A study stay is not necessarily cheap, but for the most part it is an investment in the future. Prices may differ in the country you are studying in, as well as the distribution of expenses, of course, has also changed from the Danish standards.

To make sure your trip is not going to cost more than you're ready to pay - but also to create air in the economy - so you can experience your destination, it's a good idea to make a budget so that you make it clear to yourself how your resources will be used on the trip.

If food, consumption or housing is more expensive at the given destination, you will be able to take this into account when setting your budget. This will allow you to re-prioritize on other items, so that you retain the amount of travel experience and fulfillment of personal wishes while studying abroad.