Sara's Pizza & Grill

Sara's Pizza & Grill

Amid Aalborg is Sara's Pizza & Grill on Reberbansgade 5. Here you get delicious pizzas , tasty pasta dishes, juicy burgers, crisp salads and a large variety of grilled food, among other Kyllingemix and chicken wings, all this at affordable rates.

For Sara's Pizza & Grill on Reberbansgade 5 in Aalborg, right at Aalborg University Hospital and a few hundred meters from the bridge. Sara's Pizza & Grill is the winner of "best grill bar" in the annual "Hungry Heroes" licensing of Aalborg's best Take away, which in itself is a huge stamp of quality. Additionally, they have really good reviews and happy smileys, which indicates fast delivery, good service and delicious food.

On the menu you'll find delicious pizzas, available with plain or wholemeal base, the same goes for the baked pizzas and the big family pizza. There are also barbecue chicken, skinkeschnitzel or 200 g homemade steak with tasteful accessories. Among customers' favorites is the 12 piece chicken nuggets with garlic dressing, bacon cheeseburger and Kebabmix.

Sara's Pizza & Grill is open Monday to Friday 11-21 and Sunday 12-21, during this time brings the nice messengers like, and you are nearby, you can pick up at the restaurant on Reberbansgade.


Reberbansgade 5

Opening Hours

Mandag: 11:00 - 20:45
Tirsdag: 11:00 - 20:45
Onsdag: 11:00 - 20:45
Torsdag: 11:00 - 20:45
Fredag: 11:00 - 20:45
Lørdag: 01:00 - 01:00
Søndag: 12:00 - 20:45


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