Sandies is a successful take-away place in Kolding, where you can order pizza, pasta dishes, sandwiches, grill food and more. Sandies are ideal when you do not even have time to cook or just want fast food that tastes really good!

Sandies take-away is centrally placert in Kolding Jernbanegade 52 and you can order food right from time. 10:00 and completely until at. 21:00 every day. You can easily pick up the food yourself or get Sandies to bring it out.


Sandies are both a popular take-away place in Kolding and simultaneously serves Sandies extremely delicious and tasty take-away dishes. Especially pizzas are sought after for Sandies and you can get them as baked, the american deep-dish, family-size or luxury. All pizzas are crisp and Sandies are generous with the filling. See examples here: Fantastico With tomato, cheese, beef tenderloin, peppers, onions and mushrooms Hawaii With tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple, pepper and curry dressing Mixicano With salsa, cheese, beef, bacon, mushrooms, onions and jalapenos Amigo With tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, shrimp, onions and gorgonzola

The menu

Besides pizza has Sandies also many tasty take-away dishes. Are you just a little hungry and can not eat a pizza, then Sandies a large selection of sandwiches. The menu also features salads, pasta salads, durum, barbecue food, burgers and of course a la carte.


The selection of sandwiches at Sandies are huge and you are sure to find a sandwich with a filling that suits your taste. Try f. Eg: Small Flute - Smoked Beef With pickles, tomato, lettuce and chili dressing - 34 kr. Large Flute - Chicken & Bacon with lettuce, tomato and sour cream dressing - 45 kr. Coarse bun - Ham & Cheese with tomato, lettuce and sour cream dressing - 47 kr. Carrot Triangle - Kebab with onion, tomato, cucumber and sour cream dressing - 45 kr.

luxury salads

All salads are served with freshly baked bread and cream fraiche-, karry-, chilli, Icelandic thousand, or garlic dressing. All salads contains iceberg lettuce, radicio lettuce, grated carrot and corn mixture.

A la carte

A la carte dishes a larger meal, where you can choose between various meat dishes served with baked potato wedges and sauce of your choice. Try f. Ex: Sandies Steak Ca 200g beef fillet with fried potatoes, choice of sauce, salad, bread and garlic butter Chicken Steak 2 pieces chicken fillet with fried potatoes, choice of sauce, salad and bread Beef Tenderloin 2 pieces beef tenderloin with fried potatoes, free choice of sauce, bread and garlic butter


Although Sandies receive many orders, so the waiting time on weekdays rarely more than 15 minutes. and prices are student-friendly, so if it's late in the month, or you do not just bother to make dinner is Sandies obvious!


Jernbanegade 52
6000 Kolding

Opening Hours

Mandag-Fredag: 10:00 - 21:00

Lørdag: 11:00 - 21:00

Søndag: 12:00 - 21:00


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