Samsoe School closes

Samsoe School closes

After severe economic and penetrated years and several attempts to restore the school's situation, it is unfortunately true that the school has set the high school business. Samsoe College has since 2002 been a high school with a focus on lifestyle.

School has in recent years experienced the lack of adherence to lifestyle concept, and therefore decided in autumn 2011 to shift its focus to become a more general high school with a focus on community engagement, fantastic schemes, health and nutrition and Samsøs nature as driving.

Unfortunately, experience Samsoe School insufficient enrollment for the school's new long courses. Short courses have long been an essential part of the school's operations and earnings basis. The previous government's "Recovery Package" a significant deterioration of the conditions of short courses, which means that fewer students sign up for short courses.

This year, Samsoe University offered 65 short courses, and has found that it has shortage of enrollments why more courses had to be canceled as part courses have been held with the few participants in the state's reimbursement. In recent years, the island's College experienced tight economic times, which led to liability and strict financial management. In December 2011, launched the University in collaboration with The municipality, Jyske Bank and Realkredit Denmark a bailout, in the long term to ensure the school's survival.

The school cost was put to an absolute minimum and some employees were laid off. This rescue plan was based on an expected student base that now appears not feasible. Samsoe School closes for college company by the end of June 2012. "We are sorry to have to disappoint so many students who are on their way to summer high school, but unfortunately we have no option but to stop the operation now," says school principal Claus Kjær Brandstrup .

The director took office on 1 August 2011. "I have no doubt that the school's new principal has done what was possible - but the terms have been too difficult. School has for many years been in a struggling economic situation. There has been screwed all the buttons, and the only button, it has been possible to screw on, has been the school's revenue. This button we have not had full control, and in light of the lack of student connection is continued operation of Samsoe School is not possible, "says Gitte Beach Ridder, chairman of Samsoe College Board. "Samsoe College Board agree that we unfortunately have come here and want on this occasion to thank especially Samso Municipality and Jyske Bank for good cooperation in relation to the school's economic challenges.

The Board is also grateful for the great benevolence school meetings locally, and a Special thanks to school staff, who have made an extraordinary effort in recent years, "continues Gitte Beach Ridder. "Samso will lack a high school - and a great site in a small community," said the superintendent. "There is no doubt that high schools are an important part of an island - society, and I hope that local promises this particular role, the college has played." The school works in the last days to inform all future students and others associated with the school.

The last students at the school complete their summer course on Saturday and both the superintendent, staff and board do everything possible to end the school's history as well as possible in this situation. Samsoe College Board Superintendent Gitte Beach Ridder, chairman Claus Kjær Brandstrup

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