Salinaz - Kolding

Crispy burgers and juicy steaks are just some of what you get at Salinaz in Kolding at the address Fredensgade 28. Salinaz is a steakhouse that takes inspiration from South American cuisine. Here you go up in high quality meat, so you get something of an experience for the taste buds.

The restaurant is located in an extremely charming area. You can sit both inside and outside, where the coziness is turned up in both places with candles, comfortable seats and mood music. It is both a department in Odense and Kolding, as it has quickly been found out that a restaurant of that caliber should of course be located in both cities.

The steakhouse atmosphere is top notch and if you come later in the evening, you can say that there is a little more romance in the air. Candles are lit, the glasses of red wine come to the table and the dim light makes it a perfect place to have a romantic dinner with your girlfriend. In any case, you will become quite popular with your girlfriend if you invite him or her to Salinaz.

Salinaz has also received various good reviews on various websites. The restaurant will be i.a. praised for the fact that the meat is top class and that the place oozes good atmosphere. There are still a good handful of steakhouses in Denmark, but there is no doubt that Salinaz is one of the better ones.

There is a lot of delicious food you can get from the menu. South American cuisine is known for having a lot of juice and power, and this also applies to the restaurant. The meat is perfectly cooked and suitably spicy, so you get the extra kick without having to go out of the restaurant crying because the food is too strong.

You run primarily with steaks and burgers on the menu. Then of course accessories and drinks belong. As they write on their website, there is a good opportunity to share the meat, so you can enjoy the food a bit. You can e.g. book a Roast Campana. It is a large piece of roast of approx. 400 grams, which are cut from the roast and flame grilled. Then it becomes completely juicy and is either red or pink in the middle. Then you can both taste some good meat and share it.

Besides roast, they also have countless steaks, depending on what you like. They have e.g. their Striploin La Paz, which comes from free-range beef cattle that have been lying and grazing on the border between Uruguay and Argentina. If you want a nice piece of tender meat, order Tenderloin Federal. It comes from the beef tenderloin, where the excess fat has been cut away. A really delicious piece of meat.

For the meat, you can choose your own accessory, which is french fries with dip. You can e.g. taste their Chimbote Ondulado, which are wavy fritters and are quite crunchy and crispy. If you are particularly fond of strong food, you should definitely take their Caracas Spicy, which has been seasoned with chili and piri piri, where the latter is a very special spice that tastes of smoked peppers.

If you want meat for all the money, while dreaming away to the South American countryside, a visit to Salinaz is worth it. Although there is almost only meat, meat, meat on the menu, you can easily take your vegetarian heritage with you. Their vegetarian burger has been praised to the skies for having good taste and a nice consistency. So head down to Salinaz and have a great gastronomic experience, whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover.


Fredensgade 28
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 75 53 53 83

Opening Hours

Tirsdag - torsdag: 17.30 - 21.30
Fredag - lørdag: 17.30 - 22.00
Søndag - mandag: Lukket