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How to save money on dental bill as a student

How to save money on dental bill as a student

Dentist bill is one of those things we students have an ability to completely avoid.

When we are 18 years old and leaves home - so neither the state nor mother pays the bill - stops many of us simply by going to the dentist.

It is of course not the smart solution in the long term. We need to go to the dentist to check, we do not break down the enamel, develop periodontal disease or something like that.

But what can we do to reduce the bill?

Especially two things (and a small bonus):

Health insurance Denmark

The most obvious option is to be (at least passive) member of the National Health Denmark.

As a member of the Health Insurance Denmark you have the opportunity to receive reimbursement for the bill if you need major surgery. It is not here, you get paid the price of going to an ordinary check. It costs hardly more than a few hundred bucks. But this is where the price of a bridge, root canal or tooth decay is reduced noticeably.

In reality, you can not afford not to be a member of the Health Insurance Denmark.

You must be with for a while in the assurance that you are covered by the policy. For about hundred kroner in the quarter can be a passive member. Here you can after 1 year at any time upgrade your membership so you actually are covered in case you need an expensive operation.

Dental Insurance from employer

In Denmark we practice not to such an extent as in other countries employer-paid insurance. However, it is indeed a possibility.

Your employer may pay insurance to the dentist for you and deduct it in SKAT. It is therefore less expensive for your employer than for you. As an alternative to a salary increase can therefore ask your employer - even if that just is a student - to pay insurance for you.

A similar insurance can also help you in case you need a hearing aid, a trip to a local hearing center or otherwise related to your health, which is not covered by the public purse as standard.

Grants from mom and dad

Your parents would much rather give you a grant for dental bill than see you having to do without teeth.

Therefore, a subsidy from the mother and father actually also a real possibility if SU budget is a little tight. For a few hundred bucks you can start to get a check and either confirm that all is well, or that they need more money for actual operations.

Good trip to the dentist!