How to get in shape on SU

How to get in shape on SU

The SU can often be a huge challenge for young people to find advice to train or just get in shape. Both when it comes to diet, but also exercise. When the money is barely, you are usually also required to take extra work to afford everything, and where do you find the time and motivation for training? We have gathered three options for how to get in shape at SU.

Option 1: Extended gyms - do your research

There are a lot of fitness centers around the country, but what distinguishes some from the others is that some centers offer study discounts, where young people can easily find advice in the economy to come down and work out. There are also many centers where opening hours are expanded and where it is possible to work around the clock, which would be a good solution to study work and other daily appointments.
Therefore, check as option 1, the gyms that offer student-friendly memberships.

Option 2: Home training that holds

One way to save time and money is to do your own training from home or abroad in its area. Get a training program or browse online from videos and training blogs. You can also download app's where training programs have already been made in different durations, where it is possible to manage your own time yourself. Is it hard to maintain the motivation to get home training, you can go with a friend, a sister or your father who helps keep your motivation up.

Option 3: Invest in equipment that will save you money in the long term

If you want a combination of option 1 and option 2 you can consider investing in your own home equipment. For example, a treadmill can be ideal for the basement, which the whole family can benefit from, and with a treadmill costing $ 6,000 and a regular membership down to the local fitness center of $ 250 a month, the treadmill already earned home after 2 years. Even faster, it's served home if more in the family go together about the purchase and everyone uses it. See more here for more information on home exercise training machines.