How to move on to a further higher education

How to move on to a further higher education

If you want to get started with a higher education program faster than usual, and if the 3 years on a general student degree (stx) work long and prohibitive, then there is another solution for you.

HF education

An HF education is a secondary education, which takes 2 years. The entry requirement for admission to HF is a 9th grade, which is the same with an STX. If you are over 18, it is possible to get SU while you are reading. A 2-year HF is aimed at vocational academy programs and professorship bachelor programs. However, if you prefer to study a university degree later, this is possible through an expanded course. When you complete the first year of study, you must choose a special subject package and it is in this course it is possible to choose what fits best with what you want to study in higher education.

How is HF different from STX?

There are several differences between HF and STX, and one of these is the examinations. At HF, no score marks are given, as otherwise provided by an STX. On the other hand, you will be awarded an exam in all subjects, and there are oral and written exams each year. Therefore, there are more exams here than some of the other youth programs.

HF single subject

If you want to take an entire upper secondary exam at your own pace, whatever this is because of possible jobs, this can be done using the HF single subject. Here it is possible to put together your individual subjects for a higher preparation exam.

Compulsory subjects and electives

On an HF there are various compulsory subjects that you will need to get your education. This is, among other things, Danish A, English B and Mathematics C. In addition, as mentioned earlier, there is an option to choose electives, which must be based on which higher education you wish to read later.

Does this sound like something for you, and you meet the entry requirements to enter, then take an HF education . Here it is possible for you to proceed to a further higher education faster, and it is possible to tailor your HF education so that the subjects suit what you want to read on your higher education. Then check your options for an HF today, to later get started with your further higher education.