This is how you make your student residence clear

This is how you make your student residence clear

For most students, January is in the characters of the exams, which is why there is rarely enough time for other practical tasks. But once the exams are over, you can finally breathe the relief and start getting back into your old everyday routine again. A good start to this is by making your student residence clear.

Get sorted in your stuff

The first thing that you can throw yourself into is to get sorted into all your whimsical ties, your clothes, old notes and the like. If you have a storage room or basement room, you can with great advantage also clear up these rooms - but be careful not to lock yourself out of your student residence when you go back and forth between apartment and storage room. If the accident should be out, you can quickly get hold of a locksmith. Fortunately, there are many possibilities if you urgently lack a locksmith in Copenhagen .

Then it was time for cleaning

A thorough sorting gives rise to an even more thorough cleaning of the student home. After a hectic exam period, there are security places in your home that need a loving hand. Before the study starts again, it is a good idea to do a thorough window cleaning, dusting of radiators and vacuuming behind the old sofa in the living room.