How much more money

Even if you are on the SU, one might want to buy the latest iPhone or a delicious shirt. But when you look at the bank account, can suddenly seem much until you can afford anything of what you dream of - but it is fortunately afford to. For there is no reason that life as a student at SU should be completely without any kind of luxury, it's just about finding the bargains.

Clothes with big discounts

When purchasing new clothes, do as students often stay away from branded products and resort to the cheaper alternatives if you have to have it all to run around. It is perhaps very few who regularly click through to a place like Magasin shop, but it's actually a shame. For as you can see on the web shop here , they have changed the definition category with the offer - and this is really great discounts to be had. Here you can find everything from shoes to shirts and belts with big discounts and it is also an obvious place to look to if you need a gift idea or something for your home, because here you can often find things far below half price.

Cheap iPhones

A new phone is one of the bigger expenses while on the SU, and it usually requires that you save along in a while, to afford one of the latest models. It has three young men, however, tried to do away with. They have created company Phone Trade that repairs and sells used smartphones, and it allows our students to grab a cool phone for far below market. It is possible to choose between phones that appear to be brand new and phones with less use scratches - depending on one's budget. It's just going to go to, and you can for example buy the iPhone 7 here .

Clear out and earn money

As the name suggests, Phone Trade course also be used the other way around. Most of us have a few old phones lying in some drawer. It is rare because the phones are broken, they are usually just been dropped for a newer model. The rare time to time where you lose your phone or it breaks, it can be really smart to have a second home, but honestly do you really need more than one of those? One option could be to sell a few of the old phones and use the money as a grant for the new dream phone.