There are plenty of opportunities for delicious take away in Copenhagen, and here SMAG in Copenhagen is absolutely no exception. SMAG is an exciting food house where, among other things, there is the possibility of catering, take away and dietary guidance. SMAG wants to be the guest of choice when it comes to healthy take away, and if that sounds like something to you, then we highly recommend you read more about the concept here. Specifically, you will find SMAG in three locations in Copenhagen, namely on Common Road, Østerbro and Torvehallerne.

Often, take away is associated with unhealthy alternatives and easy solutions that, in a busy day, seem like the right solutions. But taking away doesn't have to be unhealthy at all, and that's something SMAG works for! Here you can get delicious and healthy high quality take away right to the door. That sounds almost too good to be true, but it certainly isn't.

At SMAG, the focus is on offering seasonal food to customers who want a healthier lifestyle. You can always be sure that the menu at SMAG is characterized by seasonal vegetables and the like, which contributes to a healthier everyday life. If you are in Copenhagen and you are on the go, we recommend you to visit SMAG!

When visiting SMAG, you can choose from a delicious selection of salads and other specialties at reasonable prices considering the good quality. If you have any questions about the individual dishes, you can always ask the staff for advice and they will help you!
At SMAG you can also get some delicious freshly sandwiched sandwiches on coarse flute or coarse soft-core bread. You can choose from different varieties - from tuna and beef to salmon and vegetarian. It is also possible to order what is called the 'right of the week'. You can keep up to date on these dishes on SMAG's own website. It is obvious to order food from SMAG if it needs to go a little fast, but there is no time to stand in the kitchen.

If you think SMAG's concept sounds exciting and like something you would like to try, we highly recommend you read more on the site's website. You can also find more information on SMAG's Instagram profile . Here you will also find beautiful and inspiring pictures of the delicious food that you can expect to get from SMAG.


Fælledvej 25, 2200 Nørrebro

Contact info

Telefon: 26 34 51 75

Se hjemmeside for telefonnummer på Østerbro og Torvehallerne.

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 21.00

Se hjemmeside for åbningstider på Østerbro og Torvehallerne.


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