Roma's Pizza & Burger House

Roma's Pizza & Burger House

On the beautiful Frederiksberg located roma Pizza & Burger House, a pleasant little restaurant with friendly staff. Here you get good pizzas , both classic, but also deep pan, baked, and the big family-sized pizzas. Their menu is large and you get everything from fish dishes to the more common grill dishes.

Roma Pizza & Burger House is located at Nordre Fasanvej in Frederiksberg, between Fuglebakken station and Nørrebro Station. Nørrebroparken is not far away, so if you're taking a picnic, but more for the easy and delicious solution takeaway, then you can always get some delicious food from roma Pizza & Burger House not far away.

The menu has many interesting dishes, among the few we can mention their good and different burgers, hot sandwiches, acclaimed pasta dishes with good taste and al dente pasta, as well as their roast pork sandwich with red cabbage and cucumber salad. There are icy sodas, good dishes for the children and a fine dessert card where you among other things can get a banana split with mixed ice cream, whipped cream, banana and chocolate sauce.

When you are ready with your order, you can just sit back and let the commandments do the work for you, and wait for food to be delivered. If you still are out to get some fresh air, they are also like with the food to be picked up during business hours seven days a week between the hours of 15 pm and 22nd


Nordre Fasanvej 180

Opening Hours

Mandag: 14:45 - 23:45
Tirsdag: 14:45 - 23:45
Onsdag: 14:45 - 23:45
Torsdag: 14:45 - 23:45
Fredag: 14:45 - 23:45
Lørdag: 14:45 - 23:45
Søndag: 14:45 - 21:45


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