Ringsted got a general high school

Ringsted got a general high school

Two colleges, but a board and a rector. August 12 began the first students in Ringsted Gymnasium in borrowed facilities. College student part of a management community with Haslev Gymnasium and become part of the Campus Ringsted.
Citizens and politicians in Ringsted Municipality have for decades wanted a public high school. Now they've got it. August 12 began high school first year classes in rented premises at VUC Zealand. Same day train Education Bertel Haarder broke ground for a new high school building. The day was the culmination of a lot of work to offer the city's young people with a general secondary school close to their home. Before they had to travel to Soro or Roskilde to get the red hat.

joint celebrations

The new upper secondary school is part of Midtsjællands Secondary Schools consisting of Haslev Gymnasium and Ringsted Gymnasium. In the city there are already offering Higher Commercial Examination (HHX), Higher Technical Examination (HTX) and higher preparatory examination (HF). Ringsted Gymnasium will cooperate with the other three secondary education as part of the Campus Ringsted. Overall, they form a dynamic environment that offers joint lectures, concerts, leisure activities, parties and much more. The collaboration also allows for a greater range of electives.

Commendable management community

Bertel Haarder emphasized that the high school as part of a campus becomes reality in the best possible way. "It is exemplary, and I wish for other cities in the country that they can agree on a similar joint construction. If you put it as a goal, you will work towards that goal, even when you invest and rebuild, and in this way make it come true, "he said. Bertel Haarder also gave management the community praise on the road. To Haslev Gymnasium and Ringsted Gymnasium same headmaster and board means that everyone can have confidence that both schools will be addressed instead of fighting each other.

stronger together

Chairman of Midtsjællands Secondary Schools, William Markussen, highlighted the unique structure as a good basis for educational development and economic stability. "Midtsjællands Secondary Schools aims to drive two high schools - one in Haslev and one in Ringsted. The two colleges have the same overall management, but each culture, each profile and each its own special way. On hopefully the best way they can complement each other and will be stronger together than separately, "he said. Source: Ministry of Education