Travel tip: Save money with a cheap airport hotel

Travel tip: Save money with a cheap airport hotel

Should you also take an overnight stay before you have to travel further? It may be costly in itself to travel on an SU budget - do not use your money on unnecessary. If you need an overnight stay before you have to fly, you can advantageously choose a hotel whose concept is specially adapted travelers who want a comfortable and quiet accommodation as well as quick check out.

Airport hotels are often a bit out of town, and therefore you can get a much cheaper stay than the more central hotels. In addition, airport hotels - as part of the concept - are located close to the airports. A good hotel manages the easiest, cheapest and fastest transportation to the nearby airport, and you can certainly get help with transportation so you can reach your flight.

Pleasant nights and breakfast in the hotel

A good airport hotel offers full flexibility so you can check in and out when it suits your trip. In addition, you can advantageously choose a hotel with an early breakfast buffet so you should not worry about catching any breakfast at the airport. Hereby you can avoid a lot of stress in connection with your departure.

Are you going to fly from Kastrup Airport at Copenhagen?

If you are planning a trip from Denmark's largest airport, Kastrup Airport - also known as Copenhagen Airport, you can advantageously choose to take your accommodation at Go Hotels Copenhagen . Here you get a very comfortable accommodation at a very good price, and you can also enjoy their well-stocked and early breakfast. In addition, they have a great deal of experience in helping guests who move on to the airport, so you can easily ask the staff for advice if you have any doubts about anything in connection with that trip. Furthermore, the hotel is wheelchair accessible and you can find rooms that can accommodate up to eight people.