Save the Children

Save the Children

Save the Children is the world's largest independent children's rights organization. Save the Children is part of Save the Children - the world's largest independent children's rights organization, working in 120 countries worldwide.

Our mandate and values are the UN Children's Convention , to ensure that all children have rights on an equal footing with adults. It has Denmark and the rest of the world to forget, and therefore we do everything in our power to ensure the world's children fair treatment and a decent life for children. We are set in the world to speak up when children's rights are violated.

Education and protection are the core of Save the Children's work. We provide emergency assistance when disasters and conflicts afflicting the world children, and we fight against child labor, poverty, infant mortality and sexual abuse. And we support vulnerable children in Denmark and Greenland with holiday camps, shelters and stay with friendly families.

Save the Children works with local people and local organizations, and we influence decision makers and generate debate on children.

Save the Children is a democratic organization with the support of about 820 volunteers who are organized in 54 local associations and almost 15,000 members, donors and sponsors.

Vision and mission
Our vision is a world where every child's right to participation, survival, development and protection are realized.

Our mission is to ensure disadvantaged children immediate and lasting improvements in their lives and fight for positive changes in the way the world treats children.

We accept all personal responsibility for the effective use of our resources for achieving measurable results and are accountable to our donors, volunteers, partners and, above all, to children.

We make great demands on ourselves and our colleagues, set high goals and are committed to constantly improving the quality of everything that we do for and with children.

We respect and appreciate each other, are proud of our differences and work together with partners to strengthen our global efforts for and with children.

We go to great lengths to develop sustainable solutions for and with children, and we are open to new ideas and change.

We strive to meet high ethical standards. We never puts our reputation at stake, and we always work from the child.


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