Private Social Adviser

Private Social Adviser

Have you been hugged in the municipal system? Bisidderhjælpen offers impartial advice to individuals, companies and organizations who want a proper and efficient process.

Our team of experienced and private social workers knows the case from the other side of the table and knows what it takes to ensure the rights of private citizens and employees.

With Sidebar Help on the sidelines, you get a complete overview of the current or future case scenario, what options and rights you claim and how to finish the best and as quickly as possible.

We make it easy and painless to take action against complicated rules and bureaucratic procedures, which in turn can cause calm and stability over both everyday and family life.

Bisidder helps ensure correct and timely assistance in difficult or uncontrollable periods when sick leave, family matters or other social issues make up for much in everyday life.


The Public Administration Act allows you to represent others when you have been convened for example at the municipality, the job center, the state administration or other municipal and public institutions. With a Bishop's helpdesk in the back, you get both a personal and legal sparring partner who can support and guide you through the process. At Bisidderhjelpen we experience being involved in different types of cases, ranging from a single meeting in the rehabilitation team to more complex interdisciplinary cases. Regardless of your challenge and concrete case, we aim to secure your opportunities and rights - without compromising legislation or the local government's interpretation of oneself. Contact a Diocesan from Bisidderhjælpen and be prepared for a correct and effective trial. Read more about the benefits of a bisidder at


If you have been injured in your workplace or have a physical or mental disorder due to your work / work environment, you may be entitled to compensation. At Bisidderhjelpen we help to investigate and treat possible. Loss of proficiency and degradation, so the case is ripe to be submitted to the Labor Market Occupational Disease Insurance and will eventually be recognized as a 'work injury'.

Do you experience complications in the dialogue with the public and possibly. Wish to appeal against a decision, contact a lawyer from the Diocese Assistant and get advice as well as practical assistance to initiate the necessary case handling steps.