Pricing for essays on poverty and social exclusion

Pricing for essays on poverty and social exclusion

Education gives children a social network and equips them better for future challenges. It was the words of Education Minister Tina Nedergaard, who presented the awards in an essay competition on poverty and social exclusion 30 November 2010.
Proud parents, classmates and teachers applauded loud when Tina Nedergaard presented prizes for first, second and third in Folkeskolens style competition. It was the country's eighth-9-classes, who had taken pens and drawing pads used to talk about poverty and social exclusion in Denmark. "The students' essays show that poverty is more than just a lack of money. Poverty has many faces. And through education we can reduce many of the social problems in the future. At school the children get a circle of friends who can help them withstand the challenges of life, "said Education Minister Tina Nedergaard and praised the students for their efforts in style competition. Check and diplomas to the three best works were awarded at afslutningseventen for Poverty year 2010 November 30, 2010 in Copenhagen.

The prize goes to class travel

It was a style of beggars in the streets, written by Amalie Paarup Krebs from 8. a N. Zahle's Grammar School, won first place and the Referee Panel hearts. The inspiration for prose work comes from everyday sight, she meets on the way to school, which is close to Nørreport Station in Copenhagen. Although it was the class teacher who had joined the students for the competition, has Amalie Paarup Krebs been happy job because she likes to write. "I am so happy! But I am also a little surprised that I have won the competition. For there were many of my classmates styles, which was also really good, "said Amalie Paarup Krebs with a big smile. 3,000 crowns and honor came with winning the diploma. What purpose the money will go to was Amalie Paarup Cancer is not a single minute in doubt: "The money is put into the class piggy bank. We have a fund where we save up for an educational journey to Iceland next year. "It was Children's Council and the Ministry of Education's educational booklet on poverty and social exclusion in Denmark that formed the basis for style competition.

The winners

1st place: Amalie Paarup Krebs, 8 a, N. Zahle's Grammar 2nd place: Nha Pham, 9 a, Skåde School 3rd Place: Sofie Hougaard, 9 a, Langeline School Source: