Pederstrup School

Pederstrup School

Pederstrup School is a small, cozy boarding school located on Zealand, with room for 63 students in the 8th, 9th and 10th grades. At boarding school taught you as a student in Danish, mathematics, English, German, geography, history, biology, social sciences and physics.

In 1980 Pederstrup School created with support from FDF, and is therefore based on the national church values. Based on Pederstrup Efterskole origin, it is mandatory that every student, regardless of grade level has exercise / sports, outdoor recreation, main subject and Christianity.

Outdoor life is a core of Pederstrup School
Outdoor life is not just something to talk about. It is something that is grown both in and outside normal teaching hours. This means among other things that a year Pederstrup School includes a ski trip to Norway and a number of small trips spread over a school year.

If you are particularly interested in the outdoors, has Pederstrup Efterskole also a line that is perfect for outdoor people where educated outdoor tutors are teaching. This line is intended for people who love nature and is ready activities in nature - all year round.

Life on Pederstrup School
A stay in a boarding school is for many young people a thing is being described as one of the greatest experiences of their lives. In addition, the built up through a continuation schooling friendships that not only items at the boarding, but continues for many years afterwards.

It is certainly something Pederstrup School strives that you must experience in a stay with us. Furthermore, we have a mission that means you after your year with us proceed with new knowledge, new perspectives, new courage and new understanding of other people.


Pederstrupvej 120
4943 Torrig L

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Telefon: 5493 5755

Pederstrup School
Pederstrup School
Pederstrup School
Pederstrup School