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When summer and spring are upon us, and you really want to spend your time outside, it's nice to have something to cool down on. And even when it is cold outside, the sugar cravings can often be bad, so you feel like something delicious. If this sounds like something you can not recognize, you may want to visit Paradise Ice, which is open year-round. At Paradise Ice, they live and breathe to give you a fantastic ice cream experience, which has as many as 50 stores around the country. You can experience this in Copenhagen at the address Amagerbrogade 9.

Paradise Ice opened their first store in Aarhus in the year 2000, and since then stores have been around the country. The inspiration for the store came from the Italian gelaterias in Rome, where in particular atmosphere, quality and ice cream are important features. The founders of Paradise Ice are Jørgen Bjerre and Thor Thorøe.

Quality is at the forefront of Paradise Ice, and here only the best is good enough. This results in them going a long way to make the effort to find the best ingredients for their ice cream. The ice cream is always freshly made from their ice cream masters in the morning, so you can get fresh and delicious ice cream served during the day. Only their fruit ice cream is used fresh and local fruit, which results in the taste being as full of authentic fruit as possible. Their additional raw materials, such as cocoa, are carefully selected from around the world, so that the taste and quality are also top, for example, their cocoa from the Dominican Republic or Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. A common denominator for all ingredients and ingredients is that they are top notch. Furthermore, at Paradise Ice, they try to make sure that a lot of their raw materials are organic, which includes their milk, cream and cane sugar.

Whatever you are for the classic cream ice cream, vegan ice cream or something completely third, there is something to suit your taste. Here, sorbets and ice cream are made on organic oatmeal, so various allergies are envisaged in their recipes. Therefore, everyone can find an ice cream that suits their taste when they choose to visit Paradise Ice. They often vary in flavors so you can taste a little of each. Examples of these are, among other things, rumball flavors, cinnamon snails, browns and much, much more.

If this sounds like something to you, check out their website to see if there is no Paradise Ice near you.


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2300 København S

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