Survival Guide to the Student

Survival Guide to the Student

When you are a student and at SU, there are a number of small tips and tricks that you need to know in order to have a normal working day. This applies both economically, but also to overall things that make everyday life easier and more mature as a student.

Find a cheap apartment

It is an advantage if you can be lucky to find a cheap apartment or room that you can live in. If you live in a cheap apartment or a room, you have many more options as a student and may have Afford city tours and shopping too. Basement apartments and colleges are usually the cheapest alternatives. Remember, however, that the apartment or the room does not contain fungus and moisture as it will eventually get sick and therefore invest in deposit and rent for a new apartment. At the same time, you must make up your mind whether you want to live with others or alone. If you are most hooked on living with others, it may be a good idea to stay in a room in an apartment where you have one or more roommates. That way you can also be lucky to create some new friendships, which are especially useful if you do not know anyone in the city you are studying at all.

Get a hobby next to the studio

It can be hard just to be a student and read all the time, but remember to give yourself time and space to do other things that bring some joy to life. It may, for example, be a study job that is studying and interesting, while at the same time learning to know some new people. However, if 'job' does not just sound like 'joy of life' for you, you can instead try to find a hobby that you would like to go to. You may have always dreamed of learning to play the guitar, and now you have the chance. It may also be that you are interested in learning a new sport and may want to try out swimming or badminton. If you are in the more creative corner, where you want to develop your artistic skills, you may start a painting or drawing course. Be sure to do some research in advance on where to get the cheapest and best education.

Attend teaching and lectures

The university is not like high school, where you get a mark for absence unless you have a compulsory compulsory university compulsory schooling at the university. Therefore, the university is very independent in this way, so you must remember to meet up to the classroom or lectures. It may sound like an unnecessary point, which you may also choose to skip when you read this, but for your own sake, it is a good idea to meet up to each class. It is a good idea to meet up to the classroom as you often get assignments that you solve in groups or independently, while at the same time being useful for the exam. You may therefore risk losing important things from the teaching a single time, as you may be asked for an exam.

Get advice for study books

Every semester, you have to spend money on study books that can hardly get up and round the 1500 per. term. It depends, however, on the study of how many books to have and how expensive they are. In order to save a little on the cost of his study books, you can, for example, choose to sell your old study books if you do not need them anymore. That way, you earn a little money again, so you can afford to buy new study books. This can be done through the often created Facebook groups that are adapted to sales and purchase of study books in specific areas and subjects. If you still can not afford all the study books you need, you can choose to borrow .