North Jutland students deserve more freedom in their student life

North Jutland students deserve more freedom in their student life

Aalborg is a huge study city with many young students. It is basically really positive and a huge gain for the region that we have educational institutions that can attract students from all over the country. But it worries Liberal Alliance's political mayor and leading candidate in Northern Jutland, Christian Egelund, how students are increasingly experiencing pressure and stress.

More and more students with a high level of stress

The latest National Health Profile showed that 30.5% of 16-24 year-olds undergoing education have a high level of stress. In 2013, the figure was 23.2% in 2013. This development must be reversed according to Christina Egelund, and for that she has some concrete solutions.

The education ceiling and the progress reform carry parts of the blame

Christina Egelund believes that the education ceiling and the progress reform carry its share of the blame for the above-mentioned worrying development among Denmark's students.

Her reason is that, with the education ceiling, the students are deprived of the opportunity to make new choices if they have chosen the wrong education. For Christina Egelund, it is important that there is room to make mistakes, also in the education process. Because through life we commit human error, that's just the way it is. She believes that the education ceiling limits the students' freedom, and assumes that it is never a good idea to limit the ability of young people to get the dream education. Therefore, one of her key issues is to abolish the education ceiling.

Christina Egelund believes that the other culprit in the rise of students with high stress levels is the progress reform, because it pushes the students through their study. According to Christina Egelund, the progress reform has proved to be a major obstacle for students because it is too rigid and limits their educational opportunities. She accepts that since the progress reform was introduced in 2014, the number of students who drop out of the study has increased by 20 per cent. At a time when Denmark has to live on its knowledge, she finds this development very worrying.

The students must have the flexibility and freedom in their student life back

According to Christina Egelund, once again, students must again be master of their own education, and not be pushed through the education system as soon as possible with the aim of becoming the state's livestock. For students, they primarily train for their own sake - not for the sake of the state.

That is why Christina Egelund goes to the election to have the education ceiling abolished and the progress reform rolled back. And she found the money. For, along with her party, the Liberal Alliance, she has presented a 2030 plan, based on calculations from the Ministry of Finance, which sells the required 1.3 billion. DKK to abolish the education ceiling and roll back the progress reform.