Nordic yes to new Nordic School Co-operation

Nordic yes to new Nordic School Co-operation

The Nordic children's and education ministers have agreed on a new Nordic joint project to develop the common thread in the Nordic countries work with children and young professional.

A new Nordic collaborative project of the Nordic children's and education for the high professionalism and strong skills for all children - regardless of background - was born.

The ministers of education agreed to the project in Helsinki today at a meeting of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Education and Research.

The purpose is to identify the specific characteristics and the best practices that Nordic day care, elementary schools and education can offer.

There will be a Nordic conference in 2013, where, among other Asian countries also invited so successful Nordic and international experience can be shared. The project will also offer exchange opportunities for educators, teachers and leaders.

The future cooperation is also an independent international track in the Danish project New Nordic School:

"After I started the development project New Nordic School in Denmark, the interest has been overwhelming. 2,800 educators, teachers and leaders participated in public meetings, which have been focused on strengthening the sides as well as the academic challenges for children in day care centers, primary schools and secondary schools - with the clear objective to create a framework for our children and young people are so skilled they can, in close cooperation with the institutions. with the Nordic backing for a new Nordic development project in the Nordic Council of Ministers has brought additional force behind the work enhanced professionalism, based on the best professional knowledge and practice, which we launched in Denmark, "said children and Education Christine Antorini.

The project will be expanded in the near future and there will be developed a common platform for the project.

Source: UVM