Nordic Art Tattoo - Kolding

The tattoo studio is located on Søndergade 6 in Kolding, and is part of a larger chain of studies in both Kolding, Esbjerg, Næstved and Odense. Since the opening in Kolding back in September 2018, there has been a full drone and the Danes are flocking to get a memorial or drawing etched on the body. Kenneth Andersen is the man behind Kolding's and Denmark's largest tattoo studio with room for as many as 14 tattoo booths, and at the same time also established an academy where young cartoon talents can be trained for tattoo artists via a two-year education.  

The atmosphere in the studio is cozy, light and spacious with beautiful, antique wooden furniture, raw New Yorker wall, but where there is also plenty of room to spread out. There is a nice and cozy lounge that you can wait in until you are taken to the tattoo area and one of the many chairs where you can get tattooed. The tattoo studio is known for making high quality tattoos at competitive prices, and they are well aware that the hygiene of the tattoo is top notch so that both before and after treatment are spread. They are registered with the Safety Agency and all their equipment / products are sterile and disposable, so you are thus guaranteed the best possible hygiene. In addition, you will be carefully guided afterwards so that you know how to best care for your new tattoo, so that the healing process is as good as possible, so you end up with the best result.  

Their main focus is that you need to feel comfortable, from entering the door to stepping out again, and therefore expect an optimal service. Whatever you want a small fine black tattoo, a large and colored or maybe a memory of someone who means a lot to you, this is possible. If you have any doubts about the size of the tattoo or the price, or if you just want some inspiration, it's always a good idea to drop by and talk to the talented tattoo artists so they can guide you just right way. In addition, you can also go to their official page on Instagram and Facebook, where you can find a lot of inspiration, as well as get an idea of their style. They have extensive experience with both black and colored tattoos, which is also clearly seen on their social media. The good atmosphere and the professional tone make you feel safe where you can really be spoiled.


Søndergade 6
6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 31 34 53 07