Dark basement

Mørk's Cellar is located centrally in the heart of Kolding. Here they strive for a target group that sounds 25 to 60 years. So if you want to visit a wine and cocktail bar for adult people, then it is at Mørk's Cellar at the address Jernbanegade 13, you can find this! The place offers both wine, cocktails and tapas, so if this sounds like you, you have the opportunity to check it out in the center of Kolding.

Here in this cozy wine and cocktail bar is filled with atmosphere and atmosphere. Here the focus is on the materials in the basement, which help to set a framework for the place. Among other things, furniture is purchased from the furniture designer Kaj Fischer. These furniture are used from the disused large-belt ferry. They are here on the spot to pay tribute to the Danish history, by having material for the old ferry that sailed across the Great Belt. In addition, the long drills as well as the tree in the bar are materials from the old ferry port's pier in Knudshoved, and the old lamps are from an old new network originating from Copenhagen. This helps give the place a rustic and unique look that helps create the atmosphere.

The place is located centrally in Kolding, and is open Friday and Saturday from 22:00. Here you can come in and have a game of tapas, which you have the opportunity to order. After that, dance floor opens at 23:00, and then you can just dance all night. The basement houses companies from 4 to 100 people, and there is therefore the possibility of the big party in these cozy surroundings.

The place is meant to be a place that is consistent with time, and must act as an innovative concept for adult people. This was wanted by owner Anders Mørk, who previously owned Crazy Daisy, and who after this wanted to open something new, which was more intended for the adult segment.

If you are not into clubs and just want to visit a more sophisticated place, such as serving wines and cocktails, then Mørk's Cellar is definitely a place to check out. Here you are surrounded by a more mature segment if you can sit in a cellar full of atmosphere and atmosphere while enjoying your wine or cocktail. Furthermore, you have the option of tapas, which lies up to a cozy evening with good food, good drinks and good atmosphere. Sounds like this for you, so take a walk past Mørk's Cellar.


Jernbanegade 13, 6000 Kolding

Contact info

Telefon: 71747459

Opening Hours

Fredag & Lørdag: 22.00-05.00