Ministers behind the wheel at AMU-Fyn

Ministers behind the wheel at AMU-Fyn

Despite the crisis could AMU-Fyn Monday, February 1 inaugurate a new transport and logistics center. On that occasion, Minister of Education Bertel Haarder opportunity to test the new driving center.
Even in times of crisis, there are success stories. As a result of a growing demand for adult vocational training courses opened AMU-Fyn Monday, February 1st a new transport and logistics center in Tietgenbyen the outskirts of Odense. Education Minister Bertel Haarder gave a speech at the inauguration, where he stressed the importance of continuing education. For example, AMU great deals for unskilled young people who have not taken a secondary education.

Minister / driver

The new transport and logistics center comprises about 7,000 square meters of classrooms and workshops under roof and approximately 18,000 square meters of road safety center. This plant was the minister even allowed to try out sitting behind the wheel of a newly purchased blue truck. Some of the teachers at AMU-Fyn believed that the minister has a natural talent as a driver and he drove as also several rounds at the driving center - in a fresh tempo. "It's like a toy," he said enthusiastically after the trip.

Appointed VEU center

AMU-Fyn is January 1 this year appointed to take charge as one of 13 new adult vocational training centers, also called VEU centers. This means that the AMU-Fyn to offer advice and guidance on adult and continuing education at adult education centers and adult vocational training in the Funen region. Read more about the new VEU centers The Minister stressed in his speech that the Ministry of Education would like to offer a dynamic cooperation on VEU centers. For example, the Ministry would like to hear from the centers, if they do not believe that the new legislation works as intended.


AMU-Fyn is one of the largest adult vocational training providers with about 41,000 students in 2009. Transport and logistics area AMU Funen's largest industrial sector. The activity in this area accounted for 30 percent of the total activity of AMU-Fyn in 2009. AMU Funen courses have a duration from half a day to six weeks on 24 different job areas, including transport and logistics, crane, kitchen, hotel and restaurant, green area, landscaping and agriculture, construction, service industries, welding, process industry, cleaning service, data, social and health and human resources and organizational development. Source: Ministry of Education